Friday, 17 April 2009

By Blake Anthony

By Matthew Goodman


Spring screams in muted roars
the slow, choreographed palms
dance to the back-beat
of traffic horns.
The buses are late,
taxi cabs, impatient,
and the scooters,


I'm listening to Tucker,
to opera,
on a high speed train
from one Asian city
to another.
I think it's from '56.


A poet must be
either vain
or uncreative
to title poems with numerals.
I call it, "My Third."


Prayers and poems read the same.
Both exalt and denounce,
damn and praise.
Yet only some sing
a choral breath.


Does God exist
more so in a grain of wheat
or in a tenement?
I'd rather roll about in one,
and pray for the other.


'Ain't it hard
to love one
that never did

love you?'

Stay with me,
Have a hot meal,
a bath, fresh
I'll sleep with the hens
You've paid with your song.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

still life draws across itself in movement

life draws us across screens...
of movement

life draws us across screens...
of movement

life draws us across screens...
of movement

still moving...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

a message for you...

Howdeedodee housemates!

If you've got this far then you are the chosen one(s)! If you haven't got this far yet then hurry up and get here...

I would really like you to contribute to this new blog I'm starting up- 'LIGHTS ON A STORY BOARD.' I want to begin with you guys...

Basically, I would love you- Mike, Rach, Blake, Matt, Xenia- to each produce a picture or piece of writing, photo or anything you want that can realistically be posted here... the idea being that we share our stuff around the following theme:

living, moving

That's the theme, other than that it's up to you. I'll be putting something up too, so hopefully we'll have 6 posts altogether. That will be the first issue. After that I will contact other people, with new themes, and hopefully the ball will all start rolling to somewhere...

It doesn't have to be complicated or have taken lots of time... just anything that comes from you that you are happy with and think relates to the theme.

I hope you're all up for it. It would be a nice thing to produce and share with people. If you've got any questions or whatever, fire them my way...

Oh yeah, to make it all look more personable, if you send text that has been written up on computer, could you also send a photo of the original handwriting you did it in- even if it is just scribbled notes and thoughts. It's all part of the process!

And tell me what details you want put next to your work- if you want your full name up there or just first name, etc.

So, let me know what you think, and email me what you've got when you've got it...


Nate :-)